Why turnkey tracking solutions are essential to saving 2–3x in resources?

The immediate use for Tracking solutions that jumps to mind is personal use, such as high-value devices, luggage etc. However, tracking is required and beneficial in many business applications — from fleet management to personnel tracking in hazardous environment, from tracking pallets to rental equipment.

Tracking solutions provide a whole host of benefits, and the main contributing factors are most often cost and quality. Most IoT solutions start the lengthy deployment process with the procurement team for assessment and purchase and only then are provided to the technical teams for implementation and use across the business. These two teams often have different objectives, and we all know that when it comes to deployment of a new solution by a technical team, it should always be straightforward. From implementation to training and maintenance, any large scale roll-out should not be complicated for team members learning how to use and integrate it into the daily routine.

There are many vendors of tracking solutions in the industry, with many offering either devices, connectivity solutions or a tracking software. Some are even compatible across different providers and can be linked up to get a full solution within the business. However, as any engineer knows, the more variables and individual components you have as part of a larger chain, the higher the risk of something failing and the whole chain not performing to the standard.

Trackimo leads with comprehensive turnkey solutions. We offer a single bundle, from the hardware through to the connectivity and software, as well as apps, API & integrations and support. All the pieces are more than just compatible, they are designed and built to work together seamlessly — avoiding the vast majority of issues faced when trying to link up multiple disparate systems. This results in a 2–3x faster implementation for your business, less hiccups during the adoption period and overall smoother use experience with less faults — so that you get a completely integrated tracking solution — for whatever assets or personnel you’re looking at.

On top of this, we at Trackimo are committed to designing Plug&Play solutions for our clients wherever possible. These are fully set up and ready to go as an out of the box solution, requiring even 2–3x less setup and faster implementation than our turnkey solutions. Being incredibly easy to deploy, Plug&Play options are much more straightforward to integrate within the business and have a naturally smooth user experience and a friendly interface, which helps drive adoption within the team and makes user training even more simplified.

If you’d like to find out more about how tracking solutions could be beneficial to your business today, or how you might benefit from a completely integrated setup as opposed to various components, reach us anytime. We’re constantly striving towards new technologies and offer an industry-leading solution for businesses which require asset or personnel tracking anywhere, anytime and beyond.

More info at: https://trackimoplus.com/

author Serge Lysov, SVP for Business Development, Trackimo Plus, sergey.lysov@trackimo.com



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